Bring the Country Home

Country style decor is a popular decor that many people spend a fortune having someone else do for them. If you want a decor with a country flavor but have a tight budget, paying hundreds of dollars is not an option. It also isn’t necessary as you can do it yourself and come up with a country style that is uniquely yours.

As with most things, the place to start is with the planning. Decide just how far you want and can go with the decor. Consider the furniture you have and what can be done to make it fit into your new decorating theme. You might be surprised by how much of the furniture you already have that can easily fit into a country theme with a few small changes such as slipcovers or accents.

Wall decor is perhaps the next thing to consider as that will have an effect on what type of country style you end up with. Do you prefer an open meadow type of country style or an on the farm style? Both are quite comfy and beautiful so it is just a matter of which you prefer. This choice will help in deciding what accent pieces you might choose to complete the look you want, though many will look great with either choice. Depth of color may be what is most affected. Open meadow country will most likely have lighter, airier colors while on the farm country will have deeper, richer colors.

Making an existing couch fit into the new country theme may only need a country quilt or granny square afghan draped over the back with country themed pillows on the seat. A side chair might have chair doilies on the back and arms. Wood end tables may not need anything but if you like, you can put small country style placemats on them.

Table or floor lamps with wood bases fit well into a country theme, especially if they are the table leg style. Lampshades can be a plain, linen look style or a more ruffled style, depending on your preference. Look around at various lamps and you will find ones that will fit perfectly into your country style. Second hand stores are a good place to find lamps that will look great.

The smaller room accents can be the most fun to find as well as the least expensive. This is where you can really add your own unique signature to the decor. For vases, consider Mason jars. Even many florists use them as vases for flowers ordered by customers. Add some raffia and a country styled bow at the neck and fill the jars with dried flowers for a touch of color.

If you are fortunate enough to come across them, a butter churn and/or a milk can make great room accents and can be used to store small items in. Another thing to consider if you can find one is an old Farmer’s Almanac to display on a shelf or table.

Designing your own country decor is not hard to do and can be a lot of fun. Doing it yourself lets you save money and take your time to find just the right pieces.