Installing Carpets

Installing carpets is the perfect way to beautify your home while introducing your own character in to your interior design. Modern carpets are highly durable, comfortable, and best of all they can be surprisingly inexpensive.

The actual installation of your carpets is just as important for the look, feel, and durability of the carpet as the quality of carpet that you choose. A lot of times you will find installers offering cut rate prices for a basic installation.

Because it can be easy to be misled, and eventually caught out by sub-par carpet installers, we’ve put together this short list from Best Value Carpet explaining what you should look out for when you choose an installer for your next project.

Are You Purchasing Your Carpet from a Big Box Retailer?
Many of the big box retailers offer an accredited ‘basic’ carpet installation, sometimes for less than $100 for a full home. Surely there must be a catch? The catch is that ‘basic’ literally means the most bare-bones carpet installation service possible. Therefore these deals often don’t include installation materials, glues, and even certain requests like the carpeting of stairs or split level steps.

If possible, avoid big box retailers, or if you do decide to buy your carpets there it’s best to arrange for your own professional to install them. You might pay a little more but your carpets will be installed to a higher standard. This will help them to last as the manufacturer intended, and prevents follow up work resulting from poor installations.

Is Your Installer Licensed and Insured?
All installers should be licensed and bonded. This not only tells you that you’re dealing with real professionals, but it will also protect you from liabilities from on-site accidents and unforeseen events.

Ask for References.
No matter how great a company or private contractor might seem, you need to do some research to choose the right installer. Ask for two or three references so that you can get an idea of the work the installer has completed. An installer who is cagey about references is not worth the risk.

Choose an Installer Who Provides a Comprehensive Installation Warranty.
Carpet installation is a critical aspect that contributes to how good your carpet looks, and how long it will last. Carpet that is installed incorrectly may void manufacturer warranties, and may bunch up, be misaligned on corners and walls, or in the worst cases may even fray and unravel at certain points.

Ask about a warranty on the installation. This will protect you from poor workmanship, and also gives an indication of how confident the installer is in their work.

With the right installation, carpets can transform your home. The installation is just as important as the carpet itself, so exercise caution when choosing your installer. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal that sounds too good to be true, or that doesn’t offer protection for you in the way of licensed installers, references, and installation warranties.

Disposing of Old Carpet

Getting rid of your old carpet to install carpet tiles can be an exciting experience for the home or business owner. Unfortunately, as you tear out the previous carpeting, you will notice you have a lot of padding and material to dispose.

One option you will have is to sell it to someone else, assuming it is in relatively good condition. Placing an ad online or offering it at a yard sale can be a good way to connect with someone who is looking to purchase inexpensive carpeting. This can help you to avoid dumping fees, give you some extra cash, and keep old carpet out of a landfill.

Some communities have places where you can donate old carpet. A couple examples include 1)Animal shelters can use it to bottom cages. 2)Habitat for humanity offices will resell it at an affordable price to the less fortunate and use the income to help build homes. Make sure you check on the requirements that these companies have, to ensure that you are meeting their minimum requirements.

If you prefer to take a green approach to the carpet removal, consider recycling. You will find that some roofing shingle companies, furniture batting professionals and others will repurpose the carpet so it doesn’t go to waste. You can check with local carpeting companies as they will usually have a list of providers who will recycle carpet in your area and ensure that your waste is put to good use.

There will be more than one use for your old carpeting. Take a moment to determine the approach you want to take with your carpeting and then proceed to ensuring that the carpet is disposed of in the best manner possible. This can help to re-purpose the material beyond the dump and potentially help others in the process. With the old carpeting out of the way, you can then install the new carpet tiles that you have purchased.

Find an Installer

Certified Floorcovering InstallersIf you need an installer, we recommended that you search for one on the CFI site. The International Certified Flooring Installers Association is an organization of flooring professionals whose purpose is to identify, train and certify flooring installers according to skill and knowledge and to provide the Industry with educational programs that enhance the ultimate goal of Customer Satisfaction!

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