Choosing the Best Carpet for Your Nursery

Need ideas for choosing nursery carpet? You can try several great options to create the right atmosphere and to keep the room comfortable and warm.

Type of Fiber
Carpets made of natural materials like wool are usually the most expensive varieties on the market. Investing in this kind of carpet, however, is a good idea for the nursery.

Synthetic fibers like nylon could be treated with some toxic chemicals. This is why you should avoid choosing artificial fibers for your baby’s room. Apart from wool, you can go for other natural carpet fabrics like cotton and jute.

Pick a Thicker Carpet
Thick and plushy carpets tend to be more expensive but they will protect your little one from bumps and bruises.

Softer and fluffier carpets are great for nurseries but make sure that the quality is high. Threads and pieces coming off the carpet could potentially endanger your baby – you know that little ones tend to put everything in their mouth.

Ease and Cleaning Convenience
Choose a flooring option that comes with easy installation. Carpet tiles are a great possibility, especially if you have decided to change the flooring shortly before the baby’s arrival. The carpet tiles are a peel and stick variety, which is excellent for a DIY project.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is something that you should avoid for the nursery. You will find it difficult to clean the carpet located underneath furniture and in the edges of the room. Dust will start accumulating, and there will be higher risk of having mold or mildew in the room. All of these could potentially lead to respiratory issues like asthma.

These are some of the basics to keep in mind when choosing a carpet for your nursery. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to style, material, color and pattern. Pick something that will enhance the interior design of your baby’s room but keep the practical considerations in mind, as well.

Green Carpet Cleaning-What are the Benefits?

Cleaning your rug is an important part of keeping the household in good repair. As each home owner has a different type of carpet, and everyone has unique aspect to their home, the way you clean carpet may be different but products shouldn’t be.

Your home and family are the most important part of your world. Keeping them safe from the many allergens and toxins that can exist in cleaning supplies is something we’re all starting to consider just a little more carefully. Many of those allergens and toxins are part and parcel of cleaning supplies that we use on our carpets.

Green carpet cleaning is a relatively new technology but it’s one that is coming on strong and with good reason. For those who have pets and smaller children, they are close to the floors that you’re cleaning. The toxins and residue that traditional carpet cleaning supplies can leave behind is something that most of us would prefer to keep away from the smaller and more vulnerable members of the household.

Some carpet cleaning supplies can be very harsh. While the carpet cleaners of today are more efficient and the companies to which we offer our work may be very efficient in their attempts to remove the carpet cleaning supplies, no single cleaning can accomplish that. The rinse will never be absolutely complete. To that end, the products, on some level are left in the rug. Many smaller children have very sensitive skin and as such, these chemicals can be causative agents for allergic reactions and skin problems where the child comes into contact with the rug.

Green cleaning supplies are more natural, tending toward less harsh chemicals and petroleum laden cleaning methods. Green cleaning offers biodegradable and gentler methods of cleaning that leave a lower residue. That’s good not only for you, for the house and for your children, but for the environment too.

Green Cleaning Methods for a Lower Carbon Footprint.

We’ve all heard the phrase “lower your carbon footprint.” What does that actually mean and how can we accomplish it. Does it help us in any way? What’s the benefit to lowering your footprint on the earth and is there an up side to using green cleaning methods in your home?

Lowering your carbon footprint means using transportation methods wisely, using less energy when we can and even using healthier and less toxic methods of cleaning our environment.

When you clean your carpet, most of the carpet cleaning supplies that you will use or that will be used on your carpet by your cleaning team will be harsher chemicals. Many of these use chemicals which are not environmentally friendly and which can be toxic to your private home environment.

Did you know that more than half of all cleaning supplies use either petroleum derivatives or chlorine in some measure? Did you know that those things are not strictly necessary in order to clean your home and even to kill bacteria and viruses that can cause illness?

Something as simple as vinegar can take away the scent, effectively clean your flooring and actually kill bacteria, yet we use many harsher chemicals to do those things.

Green cleaning for your floors and your carpets can offer a wide range of benefits, not the least of which is being more environmentally friendly.

Green cleaning is less toxic. This means that you’re going to keep your environment healthier. Your children and pets will come into contact with fewer poisonous chemicals and may be affected in a positive way by that. The residue won’t be left in the rug to cause reactions to kids and pets. The products that must be discarded will be more readily broken down into natural substances rather than requiring a method to get rid of a waste product that is effectively toxic.

When you use green cleaning methods, you’re essentially protecting your home, your children, your pets and you from contact with chemicals that can cause reactions and that are not good for the environment as a whole. That’s a huge benefit if you think about it. Most of these cleaners are also less costly than the chemical ones. Save the planet and keep more of your money in your pocket. What’s not to love about that?

Make a Big Entrance With Carpet Tile in the Entryway

The first thing people see when they walk in the door of any establishment is the entryway floor. As that is the case, it matters a good deal what kind of flooring is used in this space as it will be the first impression made on people coming through the door. It should be easy to maintain so it always looks its best.

Carpet tiles are the perfect choice for entryways. Installation is the first of many reasons they are one of the favored choices to make that first impression. Easy and fast to install means that new flooring can be in place with little disruption to normal business hours. The installation crew can begin installation after the business closes for the day and be done before it opens again on the next business day, whether it is the next morning or after a weekend.

Not all establishments are what could be called closed overnight or over the weekend but do have times of low traffic in the entryway. This is the perfect time for installation or cleaning to take place. Restaurants are completely closed at night but hotels and nursing homes always have people in them at all hours. Night or early mornings are often when low noise maintenance and installations take place. Carpet tiles can be installed without making much noise so guests or residents are not disturbed during the process. Cleaning doesn’t take long so even when that needs to be done during daytime hours, it is finished quickly so people going in and out are not impeded.

Entryways get most of the traffic in any business so durability is an issue. Carpet tiles are not only durable but should an area start showing wear and tear, new tiles can easily be put in place of worn tiles. The color holds well in tiles so new tiles blend in well without being too noticeably different.

Color is another reason tile carpeting is a wise choice. They come in a wide choice of colors so matching or complimenting the entryway’s decor or the decor of the area just beyond the entrance is easy. The entrance can be set apart from the rest of the area with tiles of slightly different colors being placed to form a pattern. This can prove to be helpful when there is nothing else to distinguish what is considered the entryway. Hotels and restaurants may find this to be a useful way to separate an entry area from the rest of a lobby area. Some establishments use a small area of vinyl flooring to do this. Carpet tiles or vinyl works well so either is an option but vinyl does mean the area can be slippery when there is wet weather such as rain or snow.

If your establishment, whether it is a hotel, restaurant, nursing home or other type, consider carpet tile flooring before you make a final decision on what you place in your entryway. The reasons to choose carpeting tiles will likely make them the best choice.

Home Gym Flooring Buying Guide

Creating a gym within the home is an exciting undertaking; however, in order to create a suitable exercise area, it takes more than simply purchasing exercise equipment that is designed to facilitate the fitness requirements and goals that you have. You must also know what to look for when it comes to the flooring that will be used in your home gym. Essentially, the purpose of the flooring in the gym that you create in your home is to protect the main flooring from damage that may be incurred as a result of utilizing certain types of exercise equipment and to protect yourself while working out in the home gym. Home gym flooring assists in protecting you, and the overall integrity associated with your home. In this consumer buying guide, you will learn a few simple considerations that should be made in order to find the most suitable flooring for your needs.

Why Choose Special Flooring?

Before purchasing your home gym flooring, it is imperative to understand why you must choose special types of flooring for this type of endeavor. Below, you will find the top advantages to integrating a special form of flooring in your exercise room:

  • Most homes have carpet, wood, vinyl, or tile on the floors. When using exercise equipment such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, universal home gym units, and weights, the flooring in the home may become scratched, dented, splintered, and experience other forms of damage; however, by placing special flooring such as specially constructed hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and carpet tiles, you will be taking a step in protecting the home’s original flooring.
  • When exercising and working out the body, you may perform many movements that could result in loss of footing, slippage, and falls on traditional types of flooring. Special flooring on the home gym has the ability to reduce the opportunity for these complications to occur.
  • When working out in a home gym, it is imperative that you work to protect the bones, the muscles, and your joints. Traditional home flooring offers very little in the way of protecting these components of the body; however, home gym flooring often provides the cushioning that is necessary to offer this form of protection.


The first consideration that should be made when purchasing home gym flooring is the firmness requirements that you have. While soft flooring is ideal for certain types of workouts, firmer floors are important for other types of workouts. For example, if you plan to utilizing weights and engage in stability exercises, you will not want to purchase soft flooring as it could place an exceptionally high level of stress on your body, which could enhance the opportunity for injuries to occur. If you plan to do dance workouts, cardio workouts, or exercises such as Pilates and even yoga, then, it will be best to opt for a softer floor. Before purchasing the flooring for your home gym, consider the types of exercises and workouts that will be performed in the room so that you may determine the firmness required in your flooring.

Traction Needs

The next consideration that should be made before purchasing the flooring for your gym is your traction needs while working out. Floor surfaces that are considered to be slippery may prove to be exceptionally dangerous when performing certain types of workouts, such as strength training. However, if you plan to do dance or aerobics, you may benefit from a floor that is a bit slick in nature, such as those composed of hardwood or laminate. If you plan to optimize your strength, rubber flooring and flooring such as carpet tiles may be your best option.

Price and Maintenance

The next, and final, considerations that need to be made when choosing flooring for your gym is the price of the flooring and the maintenance that is involved in caring for the floor. As with any type of flooring, you will be required to clean the flooring on a regular basis, replace components of the floor as time progresses, and engage in other activities that will help keep the floor in top shape. You will need to not only make sure you can afford to purchase the flooring, but that you are able to keep up on the needs of the flooring. The least expensive types of flooring that are the easiest to maintain are hardwood options, carpet tile flooring, and even specially-designed laminate flooring.


Selecting flooring for your home gym may prove to be a challenging endeavor; however, by focusing on the purpose of the flooring, the firmness of the flooring, the traction of the flooring, and the price and maintenance, you are sure to discover many options. There are many flooring types available on the market today that will protect your home, your body, and the equipment that you choose to place in your gym. Flooring choice is a highly personalized purchase as you will need to make your selection based on your needs, your home’s protection, and your protection.