Choosing the Best Carpet for Your Nursery

Need ideas for choosing nursery carpet? You can try several great options to create the right atmosphere and to keep the room comfortable and warm.

Type of Fiber
Carpets made of natural materials like wool are usually the most expensive varieties on the market. Investing in this kind of carpet, however, is a good idea for the nursery.

Synthetic fibers like nylon could be treated with some toxic chemicals. This is why you should avoid choosing artificial fibers for your baby’s room. Apart from wool, you can go for other natural carpet fabrics like cotton and jute.

Pick a Thicker Carpet
Thick and plushy carpets tend to be more expensive but they will protect your little one from bumps and bruises.

Softer and fluffier carpets are great for nurseries but make sure that the quality is high. Threads and pieces coming off the carpet could potentially endanger your baby – you know that little ones tend to put everything in their mouth.

Ease and Cleaning Convenience
Choose a flooring option that comes with easy installation. Carpet tiles are a great possibility, especially if you have decided to change the flooring shortly before the baby’s arrival. The carpet tiles are a peel and stick variety, which is excellent for a DIY project.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is something that you should avoid for the nursery. You will find it difficult to clean the carpet located underneath furniture and in the edges of the room. Dust will start accumulating, and there will be higher risk of having mold or mildew in the room. All of these could potentially lead to respiratory issues like asthma.

These are some of the basics to keep in mind when choosing a carpet for your nursery. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to style, material, color and pattern. Pick something that will enhance the interior design of your baby’s room but keep the practical considerations in mind, as well.

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