Get Rid of Those Stubborn Stains in Your Carpet

Do you have some stains in your carpet you just can’t seem to get rid of? Most people do and the lighter the color of the carpet, the more stubborn the stains seem to be. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an inexpensive method to clean those stains that works? It definitely would.

Many of us have always thought that it took commercial cleaners to adequately clean carpet stains and if those didn’t work, the stain couldn’t be gotten out at all. Well, there is a homemade stain remover that works well on most carpet stains and deodorizes as well.

The recipe is simple. In fact, it is so simple, it is hard to believe how well it works. Simply mix a tablespoon of white vinegar and a tablespoon of liquid dish soap with two cups of warm water. Pour a little onto the stain, let it sit for a minute and then scrub it with a washcloth. Follow this up by blotting it with a towel to dry it. Repeat if necessary as some stains may need it done a few times, depending on what caused the stain and how old it is.

Usually, it does not take much scrubbing to get the stain out. One of the nice things about this recipe is that it removes pet odors as well as stains. Not only will the carpet look cleaner, it will also smell cleaner.

A variation of this recipe is to use equal amounts of dish soap, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide mixed together. This recipe and the first one should be tested in a small hidden area of the carpet first to make sure it will not harm the carpet. This is especially necessary with some types of carpet such as wool carpeting.

With these recipes, you will not only be able to clean stains from carpet but will also be able to clean stubborn stains in clothes. Having an inexpensive stain remover that works on both carpet and clothing is a great money saver, especially when it works as good as or better than the more expensive commercially made stain cleaners.

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