Glow in the Dark Carpet and Gym Floors

There are many different types of carpet including shag, plush, low rise carpets, as well as many others.

While many people know about these different types of carpet, there are a couple unique carpets you may not always think about. One of them is Glow in The Dark carpet. There are a few that may actually glow in the dark, but what most of these carpets are is black light sensitive. There are numerous patterns and designs to choose from. You have a choice between stars and planets, swirls, and geometrical designs. If you are interested in just added a little “glow in the dark” spice to a room you can buy carpet tiles for a small area. As you can imagine, one of the rooms in your home that is great for this carpet style is the kids’ bedroom. However they are used in a number of applications, from bars to theaters, theme restaurants and more.

You may not normally think about it, but a gym is also a great place to put in a carpet. Schools often have large gyms that are used for a variety of functions. Many have hard floors, which are great for basketball and other similar sports. However these gyms are often used for many different sports, kickball or gymnastics, just to name a few. In addition you have many other functions as well. You have your assemblies, dances, and other gatherings. Using gym carpet can allow you to hold many different functions without scuffing and messing up your gym floor. In some cases, with budget cuts, many sports activities have been eliminated because of budget cuts, so using a gym carpet is a great way to be able to use your gym. Being able to use the building for multiple events also saves money on having to build a separate building for different functions.