Hospitality Sector Floor Care

Keeping floors impeccably clean tempts guests to keep coming back and generates word-of-mouth advertising. With social media exploding globally, one thumbs-up can lead to positive comments and reviews all over the internet.It may be appealing to concentrate intensely on maintaining high gloss shines on hard wood floors to the extent carpeted areas are neglected. This would be a mistake, as patrons judge a venue on all-over cleanliness.

A sensible carpet cleaning plan includes: daily spot removal, regular days to clean surface dirt in high traffic zones and deep cleaning, as necessary to thoroughly remove lingering dry soils.

Keep floor mats at all entrances to trap walk-in dirt. Use a spin bonnet regularly to get-up sticky stuff and soil so that it won’t penetrate the carpet pad.

The cutting-edge method of spot cleaning is the three-tank machine. The first tank uses cleaning solution, the next holds clear rinsing water and the last tank is for recovered liquid. By adding a rinse cycle, this method is much more efficient than former two-tank machines. The rinse-cycle handles removing dirt and cleaning solutions, making the carpet squeaky clean.

To clean surface dirt in high traffic areas, use a spin bonnet or floor machine with pad attached or sprinkle cleansing powder on the carpet before vacuuming.

Deep cleaning is accomplished by using the wet extraction method. Portable and truck mounted units are available. For larger areas, there are “walk behind” units. In general, a quality portable unit offers the most flexibility. It’s more efficient in buildings with several floors, since the portable machine does not require using hoses that are hooked up to a truck. The portable unit also converts to a machine that cleans stairs and furniture.

Hot water is a better carpet cleaning agent than cold water. Ensure that cleaning staff uses a heated extractor for deep cleaning. Hot water removes grease stains from carpets efficiently, where cold water won’t. It is also eco-friendly as stronger cleaners are unnecessary, which reduces fumes from airborne chemicals.

The heated extractor is gaining in popularity due to the benefits of using hot water for cleaning carpets. The optimal unit originates and sustains the preferred temperature at the wand tip instead of merely inside the machine. It’s also best to select a unit with ample pressure and suction to infiltrate carpet fibers and retract dirty cleaning solution. Lightweight, maneuverable heat extractors with sufficient holding and recovery tanks make the job easier.

The building will look and smell its best by following these steps.