Installing Carpet Tiles Your Way-5 Steps

There are times when using professionals to install carpet tiles is not practical. Many carpet tiles are made for easy handling. Carpet tiles are practical and worry-free to use in any space you want. All you have to do is determine what you want for your floor space and pick out the right colors. Follow the 5 steps below, so that you can install carpet tiles your way:

  1. Mark each wall’s center. This will determine the pattern that you want to create. Place a tile at the room’s center, once you have found the center of every wall. Just measure the length of each wall and divide it by two. Use a pencil to mark the midpoint.
  2. Place a carpet tile square on your wall. Get a tile and measure its width. Divide the measurement by two. This is the center of the tile. Make sure that the center of the tile is in line with the center mark you placed on the wall. Do this with the four walls of the room.
  3. Position the first carpet tile square. Place this tile on the cross hair of the tiles you place against the wall centers. Do not remove the adhesive backing yet.
  4. Make your pattern. Be creative. If you want to make the room unique, then pick out different colors of carpet tiles. Position them wherever you like first, but do not remove the adhesive backing until you have finalized the pattern that you want.
  5. Trim the squares closest to the wall. Do this so that the tiles can fit the wall. You can use a straight edge or a carpenter’s square with a utility knife to accomplish the clean cut. If the edges you’ve cut are not even, molding will cover it up.

Installing carpet tiles is pretty easy; aim for uniqueness. Carpet tiles are strong, stain-proof and water-proof. Install and maintain them well, so that you can have a long lasting, durable carpet flooring for years.

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