Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is where elegant meets practical. Innovation in 3D technology has produced a flooring product that is nothing like the dreaded linoleum, which yellowed and curled at the edges. High quality vinyl flooring can transform any room in your home.There are two types of luxury vinyl flooring: tiles that replicate stone and plank that imitates wood. You’ll have a choice of a smooth finish or attain a more authentic look with floor planks that are hand-scraped and ribbed. This will give the appearance of real wood and most people cannot tell the difference.


You’ll no longer have to envy designer floors found in glossy magazines. Luxury vinyl is affordable. It is a whole new paradigm in design-ability for a fraction of the cost! You’ll literally find hundreds of styles that will complement your desired d├ęcor.


Luxury vinyl flooring is available that looks like ceramic tile, marble, bamboo and more. Behind the scenes, the manufacturer pre-treats the vinyl with anti-microbial and germ killing properties to make your home safer. You’ll have no more worries about pet accidents or spills as luxury vinyl is not damaged by moisture. Since it is totally waterproof you can install in your kitchen and bathrooms, confident your luxury vinyl flooring will last 20 plus years.

Sunlight won’t fade the coloring or make the surface weaker. It also resists burning or freezing. The secret of its resilience is found in the product’s layers that are fused together: Base layer is crafted from eco-friendly materials, making your luxury vinyl flooring impervious to moisture and dents. Top layer protects against mildew and mold and withstands stains and abrasions. Wear layer contains modern printing images that model genuine stone or hardwoods. It is made from urethane to heighten the durability of luxury vinyl.

Easy-Breezy Care

Maintenance couldn’t get easier! Just sweep, mop and you’re done.

Your resilient flooring is characteristic for “giving” when you walk on it, which presents a cushioning sensation that is not available with other types of flooring. It is also softer than hardwoods.


If you’re a DIY person, luxury vinyl is not difficult to install. Otherwise, you should probably engage a professional. Detailed instructions will be included with your purchase, but the process is pretty straightforward.

Be mindful that luxury vinyl is a thinner product than wood or ceramic tile. Alternatively, it’s thicker than regular sheet vinyl.

Remove old tile and sand down any bumps or humps in the subfloor since it should be installed on a clean and smooth floor. Don’t worry about leveling the floor; it simply needs to be smooth, not necessarily level.

Before you stick the vinyl planks down, lay them out on the floor to see if you’re happy with the appearance. Note: the backs of the planks are sticky. Try peeling the paper halfway back and hold the papered part as you match the plank edges. Press on the paperless part of the plank until it sticks to the floor. Then, peel the remaining paper to secure the rest of the plank to the floor.

Ensure you get the planks as close together as possible to keep water from seeping through any cracks. Then seal and caulk. You can buy caulk that matches your luxury vinyl flooring.

Now, stand back and admire your luxury vinyl flooring!