Make a Big Entrance With Carpet Tile in the Entryway

The first thing people see when they walk in the door of any establishment is the entryway floor. As that is the case, it matters a good deal what kind of flooring is used in this space as it will be the first impression made on people coming through the door. It should be easy to maintain so it always looks its best.

Carpet tiles are the perfect choice for entryways. Installation is the first of many reasons they are one of the favored choices to make that first impression. Easy and fast to install means that new flooring can be in place with little disruption to normal business hours. The installation crew can begin installation after the business closes for the day and be done before it opens again on the next business day, whether it is the next morning or after a weekend.

Not all establishments are what could be called closed overnight or over the weekend but do have times of low traffic in the entryway. This is the perfect time for installation or cleaning to take place. Restaurants are completely closed at night but hotels and nursing homes always have people in them at all hours. Night or early mornings are often when low noise maintenance and installations take place. Carpet tiles can be installed without making much noise so guests or residents are not disturbed during the process. Cleaning doesn’t take long so even when that needs to be done during daytime hours, it is finished quickly so people going in and out are not impeded.

Entryways get most of the traffic in any business so durability is an issue. Carpet tiles are not only durable but should an area start showing wear and tear, new tiles can easily be put in place of worn tiles. The color holds well in tiles so new tiles blend in well without being too noticeably different.

Color is another reason tile carpeting is a wise choice. They come in a wide choice of colors so matching or complimenting the entryway’s decor or the decor of the area just beyond the entrance is easy. The entrance can be set apart from the rest of the area with tiles of slightly different colors being placed to form a pattern. This can prove to be helpful when there is nothing else to distinguish what is considered the entryway. Hotels and restaurants may find this to be a useful way to separate an entry area from the rest of a lobby area. Some establishments use a small area of vinyl flooring to do this. Carpet tiles or vinyl works well so either is an option but vinyl does mean the area can be slippery when there is wet weather such as rain or snow.

If your establishment, whether it is a hotel, restaurant, nursing home or other type, consider carpet tile flooring before you make a final decision on what you place in your entryway. The reasons to choose carpeting tiles will likely make them the best choice.

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