How to Remove and Replace Carpet Tiles on your Floor

One of the best DIY home products that you can use in nearly any room are carpet tiles. Getting carpet tiles installed means that you can remove some of them and still leave others in place so that the entire floor doesn’t have to be replaced. The question is, how do you remove them and is it as easy as you’ve been told that it is in order to replace just a few pieces of the carpet?

The answer is, yes, it can be easily accomplished, but like anything else, there are techniques that will make it more easily accomplished. If the tiles are slightly newer, have been down for a year or less, you may be able to remove them with little to no effort simply using a scraping knife to lift the edge of the carpet from the tile or concrete below.

If they are slightly older and have been on the floor for a while, there will be a little more effort required, but with the right tools and products you can accomplish it in record time.

Pull up one corner on the tile. The first tile is the most difficult. Try pushing the corner of a paint-scraper under the edge to pry it loose. Peel off the tiles using the scraper or the pliers to help you to pull them up. If you can get them loose and they don’t lose a lot of adhesive, scrub the floor with trisodium photosphate and remove it. If the glue is very hard and attached, you’ll have to scrape it off prior to adding the new tiles to ensure that they get a good solid grip on the floor beneath them.

Replace the old tiles with new ones, pressing firmly to make sure they are stuck well in place.