Holiday Decorating- Victorian Colors Lend Appeal

While we were celebrating in December we had some decorating ideas for 2015.

The old style decorating, rich Victorian color and textures are once again one of the most popular decorating styles today. Victorian England, so named for the queen who popularized a specific style and decor was a time of very rich and ornate styles.

The decorating style works well in a living room or dining area, which by its very nature can be that ornate, highly colored and textured room. Dark, muted tones or brilliant cranberry are some of the colors that you’ll be using in your room. Multiple textures, yarns, velvet and embroidery are used to attain the very ornate room that you’re looking for.

Christmas decor, by virtue of what it is and what it can encompass, lends itself well to the Victorian style. Rich jewel tones and colors are blended into a holiday tree and across tables and mantels to give your room a rich, elegant and sophisticated look.

The colors that you’re going to want to weave into your decorating include these:

Color Palette

The holiday tree can be decorated with dark red roses or apples, while white lights will set it off nicely. Tucked in among the branches, pieces of baby’s breath or dried flowers are the perfect accompaniment to fans that you’ve created from easy to find wallpaper samples from your local decorating store.

Fast and easy Victorian ornaments can be made simply by folding a piece of colored or decorated scrapbooking paper into a cone. Hot glue some lace scraps around the top opening and add a ribbon hot glued into place to make a hanger.

Fill your cone with dried flowers and baby’s breath or miniature candy canes and suspend them from the branches of your tree or from ribbons in the window for the perfect Victorian ornament. Your cheap and easy ornaments can’t miss being a hit on your tree.

Your holiday decorations don’t have to cost the earth, any more than your Victorian living room. Easy care carpet tiles in rich jewel tones such as cranberry or deep green and used furniture with a few years on it can provide you with the room that you’re looking for.