Display Your Collection throughout the House

curio-displayDo you have a collection of some type you would like to display? Do you hate the look of a big display cabinet? Why not make small displays throughout the house? You will achieve your goal of displaying your collection and add charm to the decor of your home.

Arrange a small grouping of your collection on a coffee table or end table in the living room. If you have a bookshelf or entertainment unit, an arrangement of pieces would add interest there. Use a few pieces of your collection on your dining table as a centerpiece when it isn’t being used at mealtime. Small shelves on walls in various parts of the house can hold a few pieces as well. Just about any table or shelf in your home has potential as a display area for part of your collection.

A collection of figurines can be fun used as displays around the house. You can add interest by arranging them so they tell a story. For example, a collection of frog figurines may include humorous ones of an elderly frog couple sitting on a bench and some frog children playing. Position them so grandma and grandpa frog are watching as their grandchildren play.

If your collection is large enough, after you have placed carefully arranged groupings everywhere you can think of, there could still be some left you want to display. For these, a small wall mounted curio cabinet may be enough to hold the rest. Again, you can be creative in how they are arranged in the cabinet so it has character.

To add to any holiday decorating you do and just for fun, let your collection celebrate with you. Add small decorative items to your displays for the holiday that gives your collection the appearance of celebrating that holiday. If Easter is the next holiday coming up, using the frogs as an example again, have your frogs hunting Easter eggs and maybe put bunny ears on one.
Some people have more than one collection. If you do, you may be able to combine them in your displays around the house. This could make each collection even more interesting than displaying them separately. Finding different ways to display them can be fun and make your home a more interesting place for your and anyone who visits.