Proper Tile Flooring Care

Tile flooring enhances any room in a house. You can choose from many different styles, colors, and materials when you choose tile. However, you need to care for this flooring in the correct manner for it to retain its attractive appearance. Check out the following care instructions.

Know What Type of Care Your Floor Needs

You first must know how to take care of your specific type of tile before you can care for it correctly. Do you have glazed, stone, unglazed, soft clay or glass tiles on your floor? This is important to know, as the same cleaning agents do not work on all of them.

Glazed tiles should be cleaned with an all-purpose commercial or household cleaner that is oil free and approved for cleaning grout.

Stone and unglazed tiles take special preparations made just for this purpose. These cleaners have a neutral pH and remove oils, spills, and grease from these types of tiles without harming them.

Glass tiles call for a non-abrasive cleaning solution approved for use on glass.

Use the above list as your guide to which cleaners you should buy for your flooring. However, remember never to cleaners that contain bleach or acid on any tile flooring. In addition, do not use any oil-based, wax-based cleaners or sealants on the tile. Sealants are only for grout joints.

Cleaning Routine for a Tile Floor

  1. Sweep or vacuum your tile flooring on a routine basis and before mopping to remove all dust, dirt, and debris. Pay close attention to the grout lines to make sure nothing becomes trapped in them.
  2. You should mop once a week with the correct cleaner for your flooring. Refer to the list above to make sure you use the correct cleaner. Do not use scouring pads that contain metal on the tiles.
  3. Rinse the flooring with clear water after mopping it. Allow the floor to dry before walking on it as dirt will stick to a wet floor easily and you will need to mop all over again.

Follow the above care instructions and your tile flooring will stay attractive and in ideal condition. You want this flooring to provide beauty in your home for years to come.

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