Allergy Free Floor Coverings

If you suffer from allergies, you know first hand the kind of problems that can ensue from carpets that are not regularly cleaned and dust that has built up. In many cases, you’ll hear about allergy free flooring. The reality is–that it’s not a reality.

Is there any such thing as magic carpet? Sadly, the answer to that is no. For the allergy suffering home owner, the ideal home would be one that had no carpeting inside it at all. The problem is that it collects dander, grease, smoke, household products, mold and mildew spores and even dust mites.

Going carpet free may be the best solution for an alergy suffer but let’s face it, floor coverings make a vast difference in how you feel and how you live.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you can do yourself a major favor by getting rid of your carpets. Take out the wall to wall carpeting and replace it with tiled flooring or hardwood flooring that is far easier to clean and maintain. If you’re looking for a bit of warmth underfoot, try some dhurrie or rag rugs that can be easily washed and readily cleaned. Vacuum them and wash them often.

If you select hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it doesn’t require regular cleaning simply because it’s not carpeting. This kind of flooring can also collect dust. The only difference is that you can see it more readily and are able to clean it more rapidly. The floorings mentioned many also harbor dust and mildew if they are not cleaned regularly and sealed properly so make sure that your installer is an expert in installation.

If you truly believe that you can’t live without a carpet, and many people do, then consider how often you’ll need to clean it in order to ensure your own good health. The best way to clean your carpet is to vacuum. If you’re prone to allergies, making sure that you vacuum regularly, at the least every day is the best way to keep at least some of your allergies at bay.

While vacuuming can’t keep the dust mites at bay , to some extent it does help and it can do a lot to lower your allergic reactions. While you can’t remove dust mites with a vacuum, you can remove the things like skin flakes, pet dander and other things that can cause problems for you. The best way to go is also to clean the carpets weekly with a steam cleaner or a damp cleaner to help to eliminate some of the allergens.

Chemicals that kill dust mites have been promising but not enough clinical trials exist to prove the value. Too there are some natural ingredients which may cause allergic reactions to be careful what you use in the chemical department until you know if it may affect you in some way.

Another method that you might be able to use is the make sure that you’ve got a no shoes policy in your home. While this won’t do it all, it can prevent a lot of things from being dragged in from the outside world into your home and may lower the need to clean the carpets as frequently.

In spite of anything else that you do, you’ll want to keep the carpet vacuuming schedule religiously and to ensure that you keep pets brushed and as free of shedding hair as you can.

If you truly love carpeting, while it may not be the best choice for you, it’s still a choice that you can live with by taking reasonable care to eradicate the many allergens that can live in your carpet.

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