Environmentally Friendly Carpets

The entire world is claiming a real concern for the world around them today, with recycling no longer just a buzz word, but a way of life.

We’re all recycling household goods, working to save energy, and even using the alternative energy saving light bulbs in order to green up our day to day living. We turn our air conditioner up and our heater down in an effort to do more for the world around us and to lower our footprint on the earth.

It has been a little more difficult to find ways to green up our choices for household appliances and interior design goods. For the interior of the home, upholstery, carpeting and rugs that were recycled material were not, until very recently, what you might call stylish or chic. In fact they simply were not attractive and many did not wear well or last long enough to be a good value.

Today’s carpets are different.

Eco-friendly products are available from nearly every company that makes carpet. Many carpets and carpet tiles state that they are post-consumer content and most are attractive, wear well and are easy to clean and easy to care for.

Eco-friendly carpets have arrived.

The vast shift in the way in which consumers select goods and the way in which companies manufacture them is nothing if not good for the world around us.

Earth friendly interiors no longer have to be shabby or last year’s carpet to be considered green living interiors. In fact, if you haven’t replaced your carpet lately or it isn’t made from natural fibers, the facts are, sadly that your household may not be the most environmentally friendly or even the safest place to live.

Many of the older carpets that are in our homes contain a lot of chemicals or are man made fibers that are not only less healthy for the environment, but may be less healthy for our homes. In the event of a home fire, they can actually give off toxic chemicals, making them quite dangerous to keep. If you’ve not taken a look at new , earth friendly carpeting or it’s been a while since you’ve replaced yours, now may be a good time to take a look at what’s available to you. The carpet world is changing dramatically and offering more environmentally friendly interiors to everyone.

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