How to Find Carpet Deals

Cheap carpet is not good. Good carpet is not cheap. You may feel like you’re trapped in a labyrinth when you begin carpet shopping for your home. Let us help you find your way to sweet deals on carpeting that may not have occurred to you.

Bloom Where You’re Planted!

Most people eschew local carpet stores believing they are too expensive. If you compare the total package, you may change your mind. First, neighborhood shop owners look after homeowners on a budget. Check out their in-stock rolls of carpet and you may be surprised at the affordable prices. Community retailers also purchase top-quality carpeting from the manufacturers. Watch for seasonal and promotional sales.

Choosing new carpet is exciting. You won’t be treated like just another face at your neighborhood carpet store. You’ll talk to a professional sales person and may even know him/her personally. Customer Service is a vital part of the package. When you buy locally, you’ll deal with live sales staff if you have a complaint, not an impersonal recording.

One caveat is that your neighborhood retailer may have a limited selection of colors and styles of carpet.

All Roads Lead to Dalton

Dalton, GA carpet mills supply over 90% of the carpet for worldwide needs. In fact, Dalton is nicknamed “Carpet Capital of the World”. Buying your home carpeting direct from a Dalton manufacturer is like going straight to the cow for your milk!

When carpet reaches the retailers, they mark it up three times the original cost. As you see, ordering direct is likely the cheapest way to buy quality carpet for your home.

Contact one of the carpet mills in or around Dalton and request samples. Then you’ll need to secure services of a trustworthy installer to measure rooms you wish to carpet. The installer will likely suggest having your carpet sent to his dock for measuring and cutting. Finally, contact the manufacturer again with details.

Bonus: Unless you reside in Georgia, you will not have to pay taxes!

Get Out-of-the-Box

Home Improvement Stores, Corporate Conglomerates or 1-800 e-stores fall under the category of “Big Box” stores. You’ll see their marketing efforts everywhere from billboards to television commercials. They push major amounts of carpet out the door. On the negative side, box stores have hidden agendas and rack-up major customer complaints.

Their hidden agenda may include: require total payment upfront, additional fees for measuring and moving your furniture. Their sales staff will strive to “up-sell” things you don’t need or want, such as upgraded padding or more expensive yarn. You must also purchase extra carpet for a “cut allowance”. All these un-necessaries make their cash register go Ca-Ching!

As for customer service – you’ll be right back in the labyrinth!

Our Conclusion: Do your due diligence, research your carpet vendor of choice and make an informed decision.

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