Green Cleaning Protects Carpets and Flooring as Well as the Environment

We’re all becoming far more conscious of the environment in which we live. We’re looking for greener ways to live and ways to change some of the bad habits of the past. This is good not only for our environment, but in many cases for the longevity of our household items.

Carpets and flooring are one case in point. In many instances, the floor cleaners that we’ve used in the past have been chemically created, using harsher and in most cases toxic chemicals. These chemicals can not only do damage to the environment but may be promoting allergic reactions from your family . Smaller children are particularly at risk when they come into close contact with the chemicals in question. They tend to be more prone to allergic reactions and because their skin is more fragile, they are more readily affected by these chemicals.

Green carpet cleaning methods are now becoming more popular because we’re looking for a greener way to live. Along the way though, greener cleaning methods are better for your family and better for your property. The chemicals which are in many rug cleaners and floor cleaners are unduly harsh. They have a negative impact on the environment and when disposed of improperly, could do long term damage even to the water in the area.
Did you know that they are also costing you money in the long range?The use of less toxic chemicals helps to keep the environment clean but also helps to protect your carpet and flooring from the breakdown that can be associated with those chemicals.

With green cleaning, the use of suitable cleaning products without any harsh chemicals is explored and when disposed of properly, they have no negative impact on our environment.

In short, green carpet cleaning and making the switch to fewer harsh chemicals can protect your home, your family and our environment. Not to mention, when you use fewer chemicals in the home, you’re protecting your investment of carpet or flooring and preventing the breakdown that is directly caused by those chemicals that you are currently using to clean it.

What is Green Cleaning and Why is it a Better Option for your Flooring.

Carpets are created in many cases of natural materials. Those which are not all natural are created to give the appearance of natural materials and in some cases are created from natural as well as man made materials. Natural materials require a less harsh chemical cleaning method to keep them looking great. They also require a less harsh cleaning method to keep the natural materials from breaking down and leaving you with a dull looking carpet or flooring that you’re going to have to replace sooner.

Green cleaning means to use materials to clean the carpets and the flooring that are going to make it last longer. It means using cleaning methods that require fewer chemicals to remove the soil. Green cleaning means that you’re working to keep the environment, both inside and outside your house more liveable and less toxic.

Some of the methods that green carpet cleaners use include steam methods. These allow them to steam the stains out using very hot water rather than to add harsher chemicals into the rugs that will leave a residue in your home.

Green cleaners often apply more natural chemicals such as vinegar to the carpet. This is a very natural cleaner that can break down the dirt by virtue of the acid. For the same reason, it also removes the stains and can leave a fresher, cleaner and more natural smell while neutralizing odors such as pet accidents.

Vinegar can also kill bacteria and leave your carpet more sanitary without leaving the chemical residue that may be harmful to your environment, your family and even your carpets.

The advantages of green carpet cleaning can be seen and felt in many ways. Your carpets will be softer and stay clean longer. The residue that harsh chemicals leave is one reason why the carpets soil more readily. Using more natural methods means that your carpets are cleaner, your home is less toxic and your flooring will last longer because you avoid the breakdown that can take place with chemical cleaners.

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