Green Decorating Ideas for Your Home

decorating-green-environmentalGreen living gains more and more popularity because of the favorable environment it creates and the cost-effectiveness of such home modifications. Think about several green possibilities, if you are about to start a home redecoration project soon.

Eco Carpet Tiles
Get rid of the old carpet, especially if it is made of artificial fibers. These could be treated with harsh chemicals. New carpets are much more environment-friendly and easier to install on your own.

Carpet tiles are a great possibility because they come in many colors and different styles. You can use several kinds to make your own custom rug. Some carpet tiles are made from recycled materials, which turns them into an environment-friendly option.

Carpet tiles are easy to install. You simply need to peel and stick the tiles to the bare floor in each room.

Recycled Items
Environment-friendly furniture and accessories can be affordable. You will simply need to do your research in advance.

Many stores offer items made of recycled materials. Alternatively, you can make your own accessories from old jars, plastic bottles and cans.

Reupholster and Re-purpose
Throwing old furniture and cabinets out will result in a lot of waste. Give your old pieces a second life through an easy and enjoyable DIY project.

Old wood is very easy to re-purpose and freshen up. Sand the cabinet doors and varnish or paint them. You will immediately transform their appearance.

When it comes to couches and sofas, you can have those reupholstered. Leather restoration is also a viable possibility. Apart from being environment-friendly, these projects are much more affordable than the purchase of new furniture.

Air Purification and Scents
Candles and air fresheners are very popular but you should avoid the commercial varieties that are made of petroleum-based paraffin. Soy candles are a great natural possibility for giving your home a nice scent. Homemade natural wax candles are another great idea.

Potted plants will keep the air in your home naturally fresh. The plants will contribute to the interior design, as well. Choose flowering plants that require little care and that have deliciously-scented blossoms.

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