Redecorating a Child’s- Bathroom-Maximizing Comfort and Minimizing Mess

Many people have a babathroom-carpet-tileth in their home that is used primarily by children. In some cases the child has an attached bath to their room. In other cases the bath may be a family bathroom which is more often used by the kids because the parents use a master bath.

When you have a bath which is primarily used by a child, your options are slightly limited. You want the bath to look pretty, to be comfortable but also to be easy to clean and certainly easy to keep it dry. Kids are amazing, but their capacity for keeping the water in the tub may be slightly lower than an adult’s. You can still use the carpet that you’d like to see on a child’s bathroom floor. In fact, with a little more planning, you can not only use it, but you can use it in such a way that it plays to your desires and your children’s needs as well.

One decorating idea for a child’s bath would be to make good use of the many different types of carpet tile available to you. Carpet tile is idea for a bathroom in which a child will be the primary user because of the ease with which it can be repaired or replaced. One idea which may give you the best of all worlds is to take advantage of the way in which carpet tile may be intermingled with other flooring methods.

In front of the tub or shower, use two rows of laminate flooring tiles. Once you’ve gotten outside the area which is prone to higher splash, begin to use carpet tiles to offer that lush comfortable look that you’d love to have in your bathroom. A single strip of carpet threshold will mesh the two types of flooring together very nicely. Coordinating colors in the tile and the carpet tile will give you the look you want, the protection you need and a wonderful new style for your small bathroom.