Renovating a Basement Laundry room with Carpet Tile.

That basement laundry room just doesn’t have much style or flair does it? The concrete or hard flooring is one of the eyesores that you’d like to change. The floor is hard on the feet and legs and certainly doesn’t look the best. It isn’t often that you have someone from outside the home in your laundry room but you’d like to change the look and feel of the room to one that is comfortable and presentable. The question is how to accomplish that without spending the earth.

The level of damp that may be present in a basement is something that doesn’t work well with thick carpet. The chance for spills means that you want something which is easy to clean and will not hold the moisture as readily as traditional carpet. The chance for a fall on a laminate or vinyl tile which has been wet is ever-present and something you’d like to prevent.

Your answer to all of those things may be found in carpet tile. Carpet tile can help you to provide a more comfortable feel and more secure footing. It will also hide the unsightly concrete or hard flooring. The installation of carpet tile in a basement laundry room will be superior to more traditional flooring in several ways.

Carpet tile tends to repel water more readily. This means that the floor below won’t be held in a consistently wet condition by the carpet. It tends to dry more easily and to provide for a more secure footing than standard floor tile which can promote falls when wet.

Carpet tile is easier to clean and when it needs to be replaced or repaired, one piece of tile may be removed and replaced as opposed to replacing the entire floor, making it more time efficient and more cost effective for use in high traffic and high risk areas such as the laundry room.

One tip-do try to purchase extra pieces of the carpet tile when you make your initial purchase as different lots of carpet tile, like any other kind of carpet may vary slightly in color.