Carpet Tile For Stair Treads

A stairway can be a beautiful part of your home décor, but it can also be hazardous. In order to prevent accidents, some type of non-slip surface on the steps is in order. Installing a runner down the stairs will provide sure footing as well as comfort but they are somewhat difficult to install. They must be measured, secured, stretched, and re-secured. Aside from the labor of installing this type of stair covering, as time goes by it will become worn and a loose carpet on your stairway is very dangerous. In most cases the entire runner will have to be replaced and you have to start all over again.

One popular alternative to standard type stair runners is carpet tile. Carpet tile gives you all the traction, comfort, and warmth of carpet without the need for professional installation. The average homeowner with a few tools can install carpet tiles with a minimal amount of time and effort involved.

Carpet tiles are quite easy to install because they are pre-cut squares that already have an adhesive applied to the back of the tile. You simply peel off the protective paper and place the tiles where you want them. There are several different types of adhesive used in the manufacturing process. Some are made for easy removal and replacement of tiles while others are more difficult to remove and meant for areas that see heavy foot traffic or extensive wear.

Aside from ease of installation carpet tiles give you a wider range for creativity. Rather than having one color or style of carpeting the entire length of the stairway you can mix and match tiles to create your own color scheme and design. There are also several carpet thicknesses to choose from. Whether you want a simple, utilitarian style or something a bit more plush and luxurious, there is a style that will suit you perfectly.

Also known as carpet in a box or soft modular flooring, carpet tiles have been around for more than 50 years. They are attractive, durable, and less expensive than some broadloom carpeting that you will find. With the ease of installation and replacement as well as the myriad of colors and styles they can be used in many ways to enhance and accent any part of your home or business.