Carpet Tile-What’s In it for You?

You’ve probaby heard of carpet tile. If you’re the typical home owner or business owner who is looking for carpet, you’re asking yourself why you’d even consider that. Isn’t it more difficult to install? Does it offer any advantages to “regular” carpet? What does carpet tile have to offer you and why would you even consider it? The answers to that question might surprise you.

church carpet tileIn fact, carpet tile, also known as modular carpet gives you some vast advantages over full width or wall to wall carpeting. It’s easier to install, requires less cutting and it’s also more cost effective in many cases than wall to wall carpet. In most cases, whether you’re a home owner or a business owner, you’ll want to use carpet tile for the easier care and the more rapid replacement it offers.

What’s the Big Deal About Carpet Tile?

If you get a tough stain in your carpet tile, it’s a great deal more easily accomplished to simply remove one tile and replace it than to try to clean or replace a piece of a full sized carpet. This makes it a good bet for either home or office. If one tile is damaged or stained, you remove just one piece and replace it. You’re saving time and you’re saving money over the cost of trying the same thing with a regular carpet.

There’s another advantage that you may not have considered. It’s easy to make your own fashion statement when you’re using modular carpet or carpet tile. If you’d like to have a checkerboard style in your business colors, or you’re trying to match a decorating theme in your home, it’s easily accomplished. The same style of carpet tiles are available in a wide range of colors. Mix and match those colors to make the room of your dreams. Checkerboard, or quilt squares are all within your grasp when you’re using carpet tiles. Imagine your quilt shop with the carpet tile pieced to look like a nine-patch quilt. Try that with a regular carpet and you’ll find out what true frustration is.

Carpet tile offers you the means to get easier repairs and a look that is uniquely you–something that anyone can appreciate.

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