Top Five Reasons to Use Carpet Tile

carpet tile installationCarpet tile is something that has been around for a while, yet many people are not aware of the array of benefits it can provide to the home or business owner. With such a complete line of colors and textures available to you in carpet tiles today, the ways to use them are endless. The top five reasons that you’ll want to try carpet tile in your own home or office over traditional flooring include:

** Carpet tiles are easy to install. They can be installed very rapidly using double sided tape or carpet adhesive and can be laid in a very short time. There is minimal cutting required to lay carpet tile no matter what you’re going to be covering, from the largest room to the smallest room.

**The Carpet tiles can be very easy to remove in the case of problems with stains or tears in the carpet. Removal is typically accomplished in just a few minutes per tile and replacement is easily accomplished to repair your rugs.

**Extremely Durable-carpet tiles are far more durable than regular wall to wall carpet. They are engineered to last longer and to wear better so that they can stand up to more traffic and more abuse than normal wall to wall carpeting.

**Carpet Tiles are Eco Friendly–Most carpet tile takes left over or residual carpet or is created from recycled materials. They require less material than a broad loom rug and there is far less waste in the installation of carpet tile over regular carpeting. You’re saving energy, saving resources and helping to create your own green living space when you use carpet tile.

**Carpet Tile is versatile. It can be used to create specific patterns on the flooring, including checkerboards, stripes and even quilt patterns that will permit you to create the kind of unique interiors in which you’d like to live and work.

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