Flooring Ideas to Make a Room Look Bigger

When you’re house shopping, a small room might seem cozy, cute and charming. Once you actually live in the home, don’t be surprised if that charming little room changes to claustrophobic. Interior Designers offer all sorts of options like brighter lights and a minimalist look to make a tiny room seem larger.However, it is the rare professional who suggests changing the flooring to make a room look bigger. Let’s us help you with that.

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo is trending due its sustainability and durability. Your bamboo floor will have a beautiful patina and add a touch of elegance to every room in your home. The natural color of bamboo is buttery, making small rooms appear larger. Another auspicious feature is that bamboo flooring does not require a lot of chemicals for proper maintenance.

All-in-all bamboo wood flooring is perfect for environmentally-conscious homeowners.

Parquet Floors?

Bamboo is in; parquet hardwood is out. Due to the small squares in parquet floors your small room will seem to shrink. You’ll immediately see the difference by changing outdated parquet flooring to wider planks of light oak.

Tiny Bathrooms

To make a little bitty bathroom appear bigger, choose large floor tiles. With fewer grout lines and grids, you’ll be surprised at how much the room opens up. Flooring experts suggest 12″x12″ or larger tiles. You can clean large tiles easier and the floor assumes a less messy look.

Go with white or pastel colored tiles to influence a more spacious look in a small bathroom.

Wide Plank Hardwoods

Wide plank hardwood is classic and classy. Sleek, shiny finishes are out of fashion. To achieve that desirable rustic chic appearance, have your installer lay the boards on the diagonal. This also creates an optical illusion that the room is larger.

The diagonal pattern is particularly effective in making space look wider in the older galley type kitchen. Don’t lay the planks lengthwise, it will make the constricted galley feel even narrower. Laying the planks widthwise adds depth to small rooms.

Is Dark Wood an Absolute No-No?

No! For instance, a roasted espresso colored hardwood floor can make a rich statement. You’ll just have to take extra care about walls, furnishings and accessories. By painting walls a pale color, more light will be reflected into the small room, giving the illusion of more space. Also, consider painting bookshelves, dressers, etc. the same color. This will make them appear as if they are blending into the walls and open-up littler rooms.

Floor Tile

If you’re into ease of maintenance, consider floor tiles. Cut stone or ceramic tiles add panache to small rooms. Have your professional installer mix rectangular and square tiles to make a profound visual statement of expanded space.

Select larger tiles as the smaller kind call for more grout lines and make your floor look too busy. A decorator’s trick is using grout the same color as the tile to provide an illusion of enhanced space.

To Carpet or Not to Carpet

Carpet is not prudent for small rooms. It closes in the space, making a small room even more claustrophobic. Wood flooring adds horizontal lines to the floor that appear to widen the small area. You can always accessorize with a colorful area rug.

Are you excited to try out our flooring ideas to make a room look bigger?