Installing Carpet Tiles

Installing carpets is a simple and effective way to improve any interior space. Some people avoid installing carpets during renovation or in new construction because of the sensed difficulty. Modern carpet rolls are easy to install and professional installers will be able to make seams barely visible. There is also an alternative for those looking for the easiest option; carpet tile!

Carpet tiles are made pieces of carpet designed to be easily installed in any space. Because carpet tiles are modular you can mix and match as you need, move them around with ease when compared to regular carpet, and best of all they look just as good and are just as sturdy as traditional carpet rolls.

Commercial business owners are one group who will find huge benefits in installing carpet tiles. Tiles cut down the time and labor normally associated with installing carpets, so a business can have their flooring completed in just a fraction of the time that it would take for a conventional installation. Because tiles are a modular they can be installed in smaller sections than traditional carpet rolls. This means there is less impact to an operational business.

Most of the commercial carpet tiles available today are rated for at least ‘heavy’ commercial use. This means that in busy offices, storage facilities, and other demanding environments the carpet tiles will retain their professional looks and structure.

Hospitality providers will also love carpet tiles for similar reasons. Tiles designed for use in hospitality rely on exactly the same qualities that commercial tiles do, but they come in a wider variety of designs and thread choices. There is a misconception that tiles can’t provide for as luxurious a feel as rolled carpet. This is not true, and there are literally hundreds of pile options for businesses who need luxury options that are designed for comfort as well as durability.

With tiles being such a great option for businesses, you could be forgiven for assuming that traditional rolled carpet still rules the residential market. Well actually, carpet tiles work perfectly installed in the home too. Residential carpet tiles will work great in those spaces where you need a versatile solution that can be easily redesigned at a later date. Children’s play rooms for example will benefit from heavy duty residential carpet tiles. These types of tiles are resistant to staining, and will maintain their appearance even under heavy use. They will provide a comfortable and safe playing surface, and still give you the flexibility of easily removing the tiles later and laying new ones if the purpose of the room changes.

There are so many great reasons to install carpet tiles, no matter what you need them for. From the office to the bedroom, you’ll be able to find a carpet tile to suit any of your needs. Why not try out the easiest method of installing carpets today that is more convenient, less expensive, and endlessly versatile.

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