Removing Old Carpet Tiles

carpet tile installationAt some point part or all of the beautiful seamless carpet composed of tiles will need removed. Carpet tiles are divided into two general types: peel & stick and glue required. There is a different technique to remove each kind. Wear protective gloves for any method.

Peel & Stick Carpet Tiles

One person’s idea of “simple to do” is different from another, but the overall truth is that removing carpet tiles is an easy DIY project. Peel and stick is simpler because they typically have an easy-release non-slip padding that adheres to the floor. To remove:

  1. Start at any edge of the square and lift gently. Use a putty knife to lift the corner if it doesn’t want to budge.
  2. Peel the carpet back towards you until it is separate from the floor. Residue on the floor can be removed once all the carpeting is up.
  3. Prepare each piece for disposal as it is removed. Refer to the Prepare for Disposal steps below and make cleanup a breeze.

Glue-Required Carpet Tiles

Some carpet tiles require a special glue to adhere them to the floor. The sticky glue needs cleaned once the tiles are removed. To remove:

  1. Put the putty knife under the corner edge of one square. Work the knife up and down gently to lift the edge.
  2. Grasp the tile and pull towards you until the entire piece is lifted away.
  3. If it is stubborn, aim the hot air from a blow dryer towards the square to soften the glue until you can remove the piece.
  4. Make cleanup easier by following the instructions below as you remove each piece.

Prepare for Disposal

  1. Roll up each square or rectangle with the top facing out.
  2. Wrap a piece of masking tape around the center to hold the roll tightly.
  3. Keep a small box or bin close to you. Put the roll in after it’s wrapped.

Empty the rolls into a larger bin when the smaller one starts to fill. That saves time during the final cleanup and emphasizes why so many people believe removing carpet tiles is easy.

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