Carpet Tiles and How to Care for them Naturally

Smart consumers and homeowners like you strive for the most beneficial products in the market. As much as possible, you aim to get value for your money every time you shop. This includes purchasing flooring material. Your floors endure pressure and grime every single day. What you need is sturdy flooring that is practical and easy on the eyes. This is when carpet tiles come in handy.

Reasons to Choose Carpet Tiles

Aesthetics and function are what homeowners look for. Carpet tiles provide you with the right look and the fitting durability for your demanding home. Here are some of the benefits you reap from carpet tiles:

  •     Easy to install. You can easily install carpet tiles with adhesive tapes or double sided carpet tapes. You can easily move your carpet tiles around as well.
  •     Easy to maintain. You can easily clean or replace carpet tiles. They can be easily removed even without professional help. If a tile is discolored or damaged, just replace that tile. You don’t have to replace the entire floor.
  •     Very durable. If you have a lot of foot traffic in your home, carpet tiles will have no problems withstanding abuse and pressure.
  •     Environment friendly. Most carpet tiles are made from recycled materials.
  •     Has more options for installation. You can use carpet tiles for your entire flooring or you can just use them as rugs around the house. You can also install them anywhere in the house (garages, attics, basements, or bathrooms).
  •     Can be used creatively. Because carpet tiles can be installed easily, you can use the, to create unique patterns and designs. Make your space fun with the combinations you can come up with.
  •     Doesn’t retain water. You don’t have to worry about carpet tiles rotting away because of moisture. They do not absorb water that is why they are very durable.
  •     Ideal for renters. If you decide that it’s time for you to move to another home, you can take your carpet tiles with you.
  •     Easy to work around with. You can just install carpet tiles around your furniture. You won’t have to empty the entire room just to install them.

Maintaining Carpet Tiles

Once you have your carpet tiles installed, you must remember that they should be well maintained. This allows you to enjoy them a lot longer. Below are some of the techniques that you can use to properly care for your carpet tiles:

  •     Vacuuming. You should have a good, consistent program for vacuuming. This effectively removes dirt and also helps lift the carpet tile fibers.
  •     Use barrier matting. Barrier matting should be installed in all areas near carpet tiled flooring where soiling can happen frequently. This is usually along junctions or doorways in any space. With this, a significant amount of soiling will be reduced.
  •     Spot removal treatment. The secret to doing this is to remove the spots as quickly as you can. It will be more difficult to remove the stain if it stays in the carpet tile for a longer period.

Natural Carpet Tile Cleaning Recipe

What you need:

A teaspoon of Borax
A teaspoon of washing soda
Half a teaspoon of Sal’s Suds or Castile Soap
Half a cup of vinegar
Two cups of hot water
About 25 to 30 drops of essential oil
Label sticker
24-ounce spray bottle

How to make it:

  •     Get a deep bowl and pour hot water into it.
  •     Add in the borax, castile soap, and washing soda. Mix well.
  •     Add in the vinegar.
  •     Add in the rest of the hot water and mix well.
  •     Cool for a few minutes. Add in the essential oil you want.
  •     Use a funnel to pour the mixture into the spray bottle.
  •     Label your bottle.

Carpet tiles can add fun, comfort, function, and creativity into your home. It is definitely a great choice in cost effective flooring.

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