Green Carpet Cleaning-What are the Benefits?

Cleaning your rug is an important part of keeping the household in good repair. As each home owner has a different type of carpet, and everyone has unique aspect to their home, the way you clean carpet may be different but products shouldn’t be.

Your home and family are the most important part of your world. Keeping them safe from the many allergens and toxins that can exist in cleaning supplies is something we’re all starting to consider just a little more carefully. Many of those allergens and toxins are part and parcel of cleaning supplies that we use on our carpets.

Green carpet cleaning is a relatively new technology but it’s one that is coming on strong and with good reason. For those who have pets and smaller children, they are close to the floors that you’re cleaning. The toxins and residue that traditional carpet cleaning supplies can leave behind is something that most of us would prefer to keep away from the smaller and more vulnerable members of the household.

Some carpet cleaning supplies can be very harsh. While the carpet cleaners of today are more efficient and the companies to which we offer our work may be very efficient in their attempts to remove the carpet cleaning supplies, no single cleaning can accomplish that. The rinse will never be absolutely complete. To that end, the products, on some level are left in the rug. Many smaller children have very sensitive skin and as such, these chemicals can be causative agents for allergic reactions and skin problems where the child comes into contact with the rug.

Green cleaning supplies are more natural, tending toward less harsh chemicals and petroleum laden cleaning methods. Green cleaning offers biodegradable and gentler methods of cleaning that leave a lower residue. That’s good not only for you, for the house and for your children, but for the environment too.

Green Cleaning Methods for a Lower Carbon Footprint.

We’ve all heard the phrase “lower your carbon footprint.” What does that actually mean and how can we accomplish it. Does it help us in any way? What’s the benefit to lowering your footprint on the earth and is there an up side to using green cleaning methods in your home?

Lowering your carbon footprint means using transportation methods wisely, using less energy when we can and even using healthier and less toxic methods of cleaning our environment.

When you clean your carpet, most of the carpet cleaning supplies that you will use or that will be used on your carpet by your cleaning team will be harsher chemicals. Many of these use chemicals which are not environmentally friendly and which can be toxic to your private home environment.

Did you know that more than half of all cleaning supplies use either petroleum derivatives or chlorine in some measure? Did you know that those things are not strictly necessary in order to clean your home and even to kill bacteria and viruses that can cause illness?

Something as simple as vinegar can take away the scent, effectively clean your flooring and actually kill bacteria, yet we use many harsher chemicals to do those things.

Green cleaning for your floors and your carpets can offer a wide range of benefits, not the least of which is being more environmentally friendly.

Green cleaning is less toxic. This means that you’re going to keep your environment healthier. Your children and pets will come into contact with fewer poisonous chemicals and may be affected in a positive way by that. The residue won’t be left in the rug to cause reactions to kids and pets. The products that must be discarded will be more readily broken down into natural substances rather than requiring a method to get rid of a waste product that is effectively toxic.

When you use green cleaning methods, you’re essentially protecting your home, your children, your pets and you from contact with chemicals that can cause reactions and that are not good for the environment as a whole. That’s a huge benefit if you think about it. Most of these cleaners are also less costly than the chemical ones. Save the planet and keep more of your money in your pocket. What’s not to love about that?

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